World Generation

Waystones will spawn both randomly in the wilderness, as well as in villages.


worldGenStyleSet to 'DEFAULT' to only generate the normally textured waystones. Set to 'MOSSY' or 'SANDY' to generate all as that variant. Set to 'BIOME' to make the style depend on the biome it is generated in.
frequencyApproximate chunk distance between waystones generated freely in world generation. Set to 0 to disable generation.25
dimensionAllowListList of dimensions that waystones are allowed to spawn in through world gen. If left empty, all dimensions except those in worldGenDimensionDenyList are used.
dimensionDenyListList of dimensions that waystones are not allowed to spawn in through world gen. Only used if worldGenDimensionAllowList is empty.
nameGenerationModeSet to 'PRESET_FIRST' to first use names from the custom names list. Set to 'PRESET_ONLY' to use only those custom names. Set to 'MIXED' to have some waystones use custom names, and others random names.
customWaystoneNamesThese names will be used for the PRESET name generation mode. See the nameGenerationMode option for more info.
spawnInVillagesSet to true if waystones should be added to the generation of villages. Some villages may still spawn without a waystone.
forceSpawnInVillagesEnsures that pretty much every village will have a waystone, by spawning it as early as possible. In addition, this means waystones will generally be located in the center of the village.
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