The waystone is a block that can be crafted and placed, or found in the world. Players can activate waystones, which will allow them to teleport back to those waystones using items such as the Warp Stone or Warp Scrolls. Waystones can also be used to travel between each other.

Players in Creative Mode can configure a Waystone to be “global”. This means the Waystone will be automatically activated for every other player and is useful for Server Hubs. See also Sharestones for an alternative to global waystones.

Waystones can be broken with a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe to be able to move one without everyone losing access to it.

Between Minecraft 1.20.4 and 1.20.6, waystones have received a slot interface. This interface is only used for creating bound scrolls and is going to be removed in 1.21.


minecraft:stone_bricksminecraft:obsidianminecraft:stone_brickswaystones:warp_stoneminecraft:obsidianminecraft:stone_bricksminecraft:obsidian waystones:waystone
minecraft:chiseled_sandstoneminecraft:obsidianminecraft:chiseled_sandstonewaystones:warp_stoneminecraft:obsidianminecraft:chiseled_sandstoneminecraft:obsidian waystones:sandy_waystone
minecraft:mossy_stone_bricksminecraft:obsidianminecraft:mossy_stone_brickswaystones:warp_stoneminecraft:obsidianminecraft:mossy_stone_bricksminecraft:obsidian waystones:mossy_waystone
minecraft:deepslateminecraft:obsidianminecraft:deepslatewaystones:warp_stoneminecraft:obsidianminecraft:deepslateminecraft:obsidian waystones:deepslate_waystone
minecraft:end_stone_bricksminecraft:obsidianminecraft:end_stone_brickswaystones:warp_stoneminecraft:obsidianminecraft:end_stone_bricksminecraft:obsidian waystones:end_stone_waystone
minecraft:blackstoneminecraft:obsidianminecraft:blackstonewaystones:warp_stoneminecraft:obsidianminecraft:blackstoneminecraft:obsidian waystones:blackstone_waystone
waystones:waystoneminecraft:vineminecraft:vineminecraft:vine waystones:mossy_waystone


  • Right-click a waystone to activate it.
  • Right-click an activated waystone to choose a Waystone to teleport to.
  • Shift-right-click a waystone to edit its name.


Name Value Default
restrictedWaystones List of waystone origins that should prevent others from editing. PLAYER is special in that it allows only edits by the owner of the waystone.
allowedVisibilities Add GLOBAL to allow every player to create global waystones.
enableCosts Set to false to simply disable all xp costs. See warpRequirements for more fine-grained control.
enableCooldowns Set to false to simply disable all cooldowns. See warpRequirements for more fine-grained control.
warpRequirements List of warp requirements with comma-separated parameters in parentheses. Conditions can be defined as comma-separated list in square brackets. Will be applied in order.
[is_not_interdimensional] scaled_add_xp_cost(distance, 0.01)
[is_interdimensional] add_xp_cost(27)
[source_is_warp_plate] multiply_xp_cost(0)
[target_is_global] multiply_xp_cost(0)
[source_is_inventory_button] add_cooldown(inventory_button, 300)
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