Warp Stone

The warp stone allows you to teleport to any of your activated waystones.

Once used, a cooldown period starts before you can use a warp stone again.

This cooldown is tied to your player, not the warp stone itself, so there is no use in having multiple warp stones.


minecraft:amethyst_shardminecraft:ender_pearlminecraft:amethyst_shardminecraft:ender_pearl#c:emeraldsminecraft:ender_pearlminecraft:amethyst_shardminecraft:ender_pearlminecraft:amethyst_shard waystones:warp_stone

Used to craft

minecraft:stone_bricksminecraft:obsidianminecraft:stone_brickswaystones:warp_stoneminecraft:obsidianminecraft:stone_bricksminecraft:obsidian waystones:waystone
minecraft:stone_bricksminecraft:obsidianminecraft:stone_brickswaystones:warp_stoneminecraft:obsidianminecraft:stone_bricksminecraft:obsidian waystones:sharestone
minecraft:stone_bricksminecraft:polished_andesiteminecraft:stone_brickswaystones:warp_stoneminecraft:polished_andesiteminecraft:stone_bricksminecraft:polished_andesite waystones:portstone


  • Hold right-click to open the Waystone selection screen.
  • Select a waystone to teleport to it.


globalWaystoneCooldownMultiplierThe multiplier applied to the cooldown when teleporting to a global waystone via inventory button or warp stone.1
warpStoneCooldownThe cooldown between usages of the warp stone in seconds. This is bound to the player, not the item, so multiple warp stones share the same cooldown.30
warpStoneUseTimeThe time in ticks that it takes to use a warp stone. This is the charge-up time when holding right-click.32
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