Attuned Shard

Attuned Shards are attuned to a specific Warp Plate and form the connection between two Warp Plates when inserted into one another.

Each newly placed Warp Plate comes with one Attuned Shard by default, but you can create additional shards by placing another set of ingredients into the Warp Plate.

When the Warp Plate that an attuned shard is attuned to is broken, the shard will lose its attunement. It cannot be reused.


Additional attuned shards can be created within a Warp Plate by placing a piece of Flint in the center and four pieces of Warp Dust around it.

Warp Plate Screen waystones:warp_dustwaystones:warp_dustminecraft:flintwaystones:warp_dustwaystones:warp_dust


  • Place the attuned shard from one Warp Plate into another Warp Plate’s center slot.