Migration to 1.20.4

Farming for Blockheads Registry JSON files to 1.20.4+ Recipe Format

How to migrate Group Overrides

“Groups” have been replaced by presets, which included a renaming to be more consistent and guessable.

Instead of “Pam’s HarvestCraft 2 Trees Saplings” which has a million different ways of spelling and capitalizing it, the preset that represents this group is now called “pamhc2trees:saplings”, where pamhc2trees is the mod id.

If you want to simply enable or disable a preset, you can do so without an override now by adding it to either enabledOptionalPresets or disabledDefaultPresets.

If you want to change the default price of a preset’s items, you can override the preset’s data just like you would override any other data in a data pack, i.e. by placing a json file at the same location.

How to migrate Entry Overrides

Market Items are now defined using Minecraft’s recipe system, with each item being defined in its own individual file.

That means you can easily override these in a data pack by placing a file at the same location, or using a mod like CraftTweaker and its addJsonRecipe() function.