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Customization via Block and Item Tags

Mod compatibility with Cooking for Blockheads can be achieved using a variety of item tags. Tags can be added through data packs or mods such as CraftTweaker.

cookingforblockheads:kitchen_item_providerBlock TagInventory blocks whose content should be available to the cooking table.cookingforblockheads:counter or other inventory blocks
cookingforblockheads:kitchen_connectorsBlock TagBlocks that should bridge the gap between kitchen blocks even if they’re not directly touching.cookingforblockheads:kitchen_floor or other kitchen-connecting blocks
cookingforblockheads:utensilsItem TagTool items that will show up differently in recipes when missing.minecraft:bucket or other utensils like pots or knives
cookingforblockheads:foodItem TagFood items that aren’t edible directly, such as cakes that need to be placed down first.minecraft:cake or other items that aren’t directly edible
cookingforblockheads:ingredientsItem TagIngredient items that aren’t edible directly but should be included in the cooking table.minecraft:sugar or other items that aren’t edible but should be craftable as ingredients
cookingforblockheads:milkItem TagMilk container items that should be provided by the Milk Jar.minecraft:milk_bucket or other milk container items like milk bottles
cookingforblockheads:waterItem TagWater container items that should be provided by the Sink.minecraft:water_bucket or other water container items like water bottles
cookingforblockheads:excludedItem TagItems that should be excluded from showing up in the cooking table.none by default
Item Providers

Be careful about what blocks you add as item providers and make sure to test them to avoid odd visual bugs, dupe bugs or even crashes.