For information on how to edit the mod's config, see here.
cowJarEnabledIf true, a cow can be squished into a Milk Jar by dropping an anvil on top.
cowJarMilkPerTickThe amount of milk the cow in a jar generates per tick.1
compressedCowJarMilkMultiplierEx Compressum compatibility. Multiplier applied to the milk per tick for Compressed Cow in a Jar.9
sinkRequiresWaterSet this to true if you'd like the sink to require water to be piped in, instead of providing infinite of it.
largeCountersEnabling this will make the kitchen counters have twice as much inventory space.
disallowOvenAutomationSet this to true if you'd like to disallow automation of the oven (pipes and such won't be able to insert/extract)
ovenFuelTimeMultiplierThe fuel multiplier for the cooking oven. Higher values means fuel lasts longer, 1.0 is furnace default.0.33000001311302185
ovenCookTimeMultiplierThe cooking time multiplier for the cooking oven. Higher values means it will take longer.1
ovenRequiresCookingOilSet this to true if you'd like the oven to only accept cooking oil as fuel (requires Pam's Harvestcraft)
showIngredientIconSet to false if you don't want ingredients to be marked with a special icon in the recipe book.
allowVeryToastedBreadToasting toasted bread again will turn into charcoal (only if no other mod adding toast is present). Set to false to disable.