Debugging Tools

You can use the /craftingtweaks debug command to toggle Crafting Tweaks’ debug mode. This mode will allow you to easily analyze a mod’s crafting grid and output the necessary JSON for a data pack.

After enabling the debug mode, open the mod’s crafting menu screen and click-drag over the crafting grid slots (they should highlight in green). Once you let go, check your latest.log for the JSON output to paste into your data pack.

Note that this may not always work correctly on all crafting grids, especially if they are more complex or dynamic. In those cases, the data pack API will most likely not be sufficient to support the mod.

You can see an example of this feature on this Twitter post.

Custom Crafting Grids

Crafting Tweaks supports loading data packs to extend its functionality onto crafting grids added by third party mods.

Crafting Tweaks data packs are located in a folder called craftingtweaks_compat within your data pack and behave like any other data resource, i.e. they are namespaced and must be referenced as such.


    "modid": "storagenetwork",
    "silent": false,
    "containerClass": "com.lothrazar.storagenetwork.block.request.ContainerNetworkCraftingTable",
    "gridSlotNumber": 1,
    "gridSize": 9,
    "alignToGrid": "left",
    "buttonStyle": "small_width",
    "hideButtons": false,
    "phantomItems": false,
    "tweakRotate": {
        "enabled": true,
        "showButton": true
    "tweakBalance": {
        "enabled": true,
        "showButton": true
    "tweakClear": {
        "enabled": true,
        "showButton": true
modidThe mod ID of the mod that adds the crafting grid.(required)
enabledWhether the data pack is enabled.true
silentWhether to suppress log messages when the data pack is loaded.false
containerClassThe fully qualified class name of the container menu class.(required)
gridSlotNumberThe slot number where the grid starts.1
gridSizeThe size of the crafting grid.9
alignToGridThe alignment of the tweak buttons. Can be left, right, top or bottom.left
buttonOffsetXThe X offset of the tweak buttons.0
buttonOffsetYThe Y offset of the tweak buttons.0
buttonStyleThe style of the tweak buttons. Can be default, small_width, small_height or small.default
hideButtonsWhether to show any tweak buttons. Without tweak buttons, only the key binds will work.false
phantomItemsWhether items in this crafting grid are phantom items. Will cause clearing the grid to void them instead of transferring them to the inventory.false
tweakRotateConfiguration for the rotate tweak.(see below)
tweakBalanceConfiguration for the balance tweak.(see below)
tweakClearConfiguration for the clear tweak.(see below)

Tweak Configuration

Each tweak configuration object has the following fields:

enabledWhether the tweak is enabled.true
showButtonWhether to show button for the tweak.true
buttonXThe X position of the button.0
buttonYThe Y position of the button.0