For information on how to edit the mod's config, see here.
Name Value Default
compressRequiresCraftingGrid Set this to false if you want the (de)compress feature to work outside of crafting GUIs (only works if installed on server while in the player inventory)
compressDenylist A list of modid:name entries that will not be crafted by the compress key.
rightClickCraftsStack If set to true, right-clicking the result slot in a crafting table will craft a full stack.
hideVanillaCraftingGuide We both know JEI is much better. This option hides Vanilla's crafting book button instead of moving it.
mode Set to 'DEFAULT' to enable both buttons and hotkeys. Set to 'BUTTONS' to enable buttons only. Set to 'HOTKEYS' to enable hotkeys only. Set to 'DISABLED' to disable completely.
disabledAddons Add mod ids here of mods that you wish to disable Crafting Tweaks support for.