The Toaster possesses magical heating powers to convert Untoasted Toast to Toast.

It acts as a standalone block and does not provide any further functionality to a multi-block Kitchen.

Note that in order for the toaster to work, a mod adding Toast needs to be installed (e.g. Pam’s Harvestcraft).


#c:ingots/iron#c:ingots/ironminecraft:iron_trapdoorminecraft:lava_bucketminecraft:stone_button#c:ingots/iron#c:ingots/iron cookingforblockheads:toaster


Right-click the toaster with a supported type of bread (for Pam’s, it’s just normal Bread) to put it in. You can put two pieces of bread into the toaster at once.

Right-clicking the toaster again when it’s full (or with an empty hand) will start the toasting process. After a little time has passed, the finished toast will pop out at the top.


Name Value Default
allowVeryToastedBread Toasting toasted bread again will turn into charcoal (only if no other mod adding toast is present). Set to false to disable.
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