Frequently Asked Questions

See the new Permissions Overview for information on how my mods can be used and redistributed.

Preview builds targetting Minecraft pre-releases or release candidates are available to Patreon supporters.

These versions are not necessarily stable and may contain bugs or unfinished features. They are not recommended for general use.

Public releases of these builds will follow once all mod loaders have updated and are deemed stable enough (usually within 2-7 days).

These builds fall under the same distribution rules as stable releases, i.e. feel free to share them with your friends or server, but avoid reuploading them publicly.

The source code for these versions remains visible.

Feel free to post ideas on Discord or in GitHub discussions. Once an idea has been fleshed out, it can be submitted as a feature request on the issue tracker.

Please do not send me mod ideas or feature requests via DM.

I do not accept commissions from users or content creators (e.g. YouTubers).

If you are a business with a use-case involving Minecraft, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

When it comes to new features, I always target the latest version of Minecraft and only backport new things to older versions very rarely.

I provide long-term-support (LTS) for bugs and crashes, but due to Mojang’s new versioning scheme it is really difficult to pinpoint which version that will be in advance.

The current LTS version is 1.20.1.

There currently is a backlog of mods still waiting to be ported to newer Minecraft versions, and there is no ETA on when that will happen. Mods that I no longer plan to update will have “Discontinued” in their title.

The configuration files for my mods can be found in the config folder of your Minecraft instance. I do not use Forge’s world configs, instead, server-side configs are included in the normal -common.toml file.

To edit configurations ingame, you can install Configured on Forge, or Mod Menu and Cloth Config on Fabric.

When editing config files for Forge at runtime, do not use Notepad++, as it currently leads to issues with Forge’s config reloading and is likely to corrupt your config file. In general it might be best to close the game before editing configs on Forge.

If you would like to support the continued development of my mods, I currently offer the following ways to do so:

If your question is related to a specific mod, check the information on the mod’s page.

If that still does not answer your question, you have the following options:

  • If you are getting a crash or a bug, report it to the mod’s GitHub repository (Submit Issues & Feedback link on mod page).
  • If you need support in general or have a short question needing a simple answer, you can use the #help or #support channel in our Discord.